COP 28


Tip of the Week

Every week until COP28, the Geography and Urban Planning Department will publish a “TIP of the Week”, developed by Dr Haïfa Ben Romdhane, Assistant Professor of Geomatics and Environmental Engineer. This will include sharing information, advice and recommendations to the SUAD community to help them to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily life. 

The first post was launched on 9 January with SUAD proposing a year-long challenge to the community to calculate their carbon footprint using an online Carbon Footprint Calculator and taking positive actions throughout 2023 towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The aim is to have a decreased carbon footprint when recalculating again in December 2023.

Re-use leftovers

By keeping leftovers out of the bin and in your fridge, you will save resources, cooking time, and the planet. Make efficient use of food

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