Towards effective management of e-records in support of e-government in Ras Al Khaimah economic zone

Dr Victor Kabata (leading)

Post Doc in Records Management and Archival Science, SUAD


Dr Proscovia Svard

Associate Professor of Records Management and Archival Science, SUAD

Dr Mehluli Masuku

Post Doc in Records Management and Archival Science, SUAD

This project seeks to ensure that the datasets uploaded on Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (Rakez) portal 360 are accurate and can be relied upon for policy and decision making. The project is informed by the understanding that the veracity of data is dependent on the records from which they were generated. In this regard, having a good records management system ensures that the data generated is authentic, reliable and trustworthy. Accordingly, the project seeks to ensure that companies within Rakez are capacitated in terms of the management of electronic records with regards to the following aspects which constitute the study objectives:

1. Adherence to the UAE records legal and policy framework

2. Compliance with policy standards and procedures for e-records management

3. Awareness on e-records management

4. Capacitation in respect of appropriate e-records management technologies

Informed by the above-mentioned objectives, the study will develop a framework for the effective management of e-records within Rakez. The project feeds to the ongoing digital transformation initiative by ensuring the capture, processing, use, sharing and long-term presentation of records in electronic formats in support of sustainability.