Prospects of data driven universities through archives

Dr Forget Chaterera

Assistant Professor of Records Management and Archival Science, SUAD

Universities create and receive several types and formats of records in executing numerous university activities. These records are significant in ensuring a smooth flow of university operations, contribute to the corporate memory, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and leads to transparency, accountability, good governance and effective service delivery. The need to manage these records in accordance with international best practices and subsequently build university archives is very critical in attaining the overall mission and goals of higher learning institutions. In this respect, this research seeks to initiate the establishment of university archives in Abu Dhabi’s institutions of higher learning through various collaborative efforts. 

A preliminary study conducted using webometrics in Abu Dhabi’s institutions of higher learning on records management revealed an urgent need to initiate collaborative efforts towards establishing university archives born out of appropriate records management practices. As such, the proposed project aims to initiate conversations on appropriate data, information and records management practices in Abu Dhabi’s institutions of higher learning with the ultimate goal of establishing university archives.