Nanostructured layers for energy harvesting applications

Dr Joumana El Rifai

Assistant Professor of Physics, SUAD

The realization of a reliable, environmentally safe and waste free energy source has been an ongoing goal for many researchers. While photovoltaics and materials suitable for photovoltaic (PV) applications tend to be the most investigated, one concern is the amount of solar thermal waste produced at the surface of PV panels. The waste heat generated in most PV installations is not put into any practical use and may contribute to a reduction in power output and performance stability. 

One strategy to make use of the large amount of waste heat is through thermoelectric generation by incorporating and utilizing thermoelectric materials in the fabrication of PV cells. Accordingly, this work aims to study the fabrication and characterization of novel materials that are expected to increase light absorption and at the same time make use of energy in the form of thermal waste. The main goal would be to incorporate such materials in PV cell applications.