Human Occupation and Landscape Evolution during the Holocene climatic variation in the UAE desert (HOLE). Case study of a gravel plain in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR)

Dr Stéphane Desruelles

Associate Professor of Geography &Head of Department, Geography & Planning, SUAD

Dr Caroline Autret

Assistant Professor of History of Art & Head of Department, History of Art & Archaeology, SUAD

This multidisciplinary project aims to understand the context of the paleo-environmental evolution in the arid environment and the interplay between human occupation and climatic variability during the last 11560 years. It focus on Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve following a series of collaborative efforts between the reserve conservation team and SUAD. The reserve, being “undisturbed”, allows the evaluation of the archaeological and environmental analogues of the past to better understand both the ancient and future desert environments considering a changing climate.