Conference – Damages to Nature: How to Compensate?

Thursday 2 November 2023
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Campus

This conference is part of one of the axes of the COP28, which is damages. One of the issues at stake is how to represent nature in court and how to compensate it. As nature does not have a legal personality, it was necessary to find ways of representing it. How can a bird population or a forest be represented in court? Representation by associations whose purpose is the protection of the environment is used; a nature park can be given legal personality. Is this sufficient? Is it necessary to give legal personality to emanations of Nature? Therefore, it is necessary to determine the appropriate means for repairing this damage: how to assess it, how to carry out reparation in kind? Public and private international law are called upon in the framework of this conference to provide an initial response, as the damage is frequently transnational in nature. Secondly, it is time for the trial, and the issues of legal representation, prevention and compensation for damages are then discussed. Finally, the stakeholders should specify in concrete terms how legal professionals approach these issues of damage to nature in the UAE and the existing measures of protection.